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    2. Jeff’s Windows & Doors Custom Glasswork

      A one-stop shop for all your custom glasswork needs including custom repair projects.?Jeff’s Windows and Doors?offers?custom-cutting of picture frame glass to installing a shower enclosure.

      Custom Glasswork For Home or Business

      • Custom Cutting for Windows and Picture Frames
      • Glass Shelving
      • Glass Panels for Railings
      • Shower Enclosures
      • Custom Mirrors
      • Table-top Glass
      • Glazes and Films for Windows
      • UV Tints for Houses, Automobiles and Trucks

      Need Your Custom Glasswork Repaired?

      • Window Glass Repairs
      • General Glass Panel Repairs (Furniture, Tables etc.)
      • Screen Repairs
      • Window Sash Repairs
      • Decorative Entrance Door Glass
      • Fitness Centre Mirrors
      • Retail Display Glass Shelving
      • Automobile Window Tinting

      Check Jeff’s Windows & Doors Custom Glasswork