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    2. Twenty?Years of Personal Service & Experience on Every Home and Business Project

      Windows & Doors, Exterior Renovations, Auto Glass &?Custom Glasswork

      Jeff’s Windows & Doors is a one-stop-source for all your needs in home construction, maintenance, and renovation.

      We install what we sell and can assure our customers of prompt and courteous service from our highly skilled tradesmen. We also supply contractors with a full range of products. We are proud of our reputation for delivery, on-time and every time, of high quality materials for their projects.

      And, of course we sell to homeowners, who want a reliable supplier with great pricing for all their DIY projects.

      We repair and replace auto glass?at our Perth Service Centre and?we offer a convenient mobile auto glass service.

      Our prices are are truly competitive because we work with quality manufacturers and price?each job individually. Plus we sell what we install so we know our products are second-to-none.

      We sell first class products from reliable manufacturers:
      Royal Building Products
      Buchner Manufacturing
      York Aluminum

      Jeff's Windows and Doors